Tyler Kline

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Little Berlin presents SCREENS, an exhibition of artwork made for handheld devices.

The artists invited to this exhibition view the phone as a studio, workshop, publisher, and exhibition space. They use small devices as a medium of expression. They work with desktop & mobile apps, and use the same principals of composition that are important in traditional media, including: line, color, texture, shape, tone, form, space, and depth. 

Some of the artists have exhibited their work publicly in galleries & museums. Others are almost exclusively digital artists, and rarely show their work outside of online media. Many of the artists work in abstract visual modes, and some work with contemporary poetry, ringtones, or experimental sonic performances.

ARTISTS on view, from Philadelphia, Berlin, London, NY, Chicago, Baltimore, and Minnesota:

Kim Asendorf
Nadia Botello
Alfredo Salazar-Caro
Margot Bowman
Thomas Pregiato
Dina Kelberman
Eva Papamargariti
Sandra Gramm
Patrick Koziol
Patrick Quinn
Tyler Kline
Yoshi Sodeoka
Lee Tusman

Now, more than ever before, content is being produced and consumed on phones and tablets. This exhibition asks attendees to let go, and view these devices not as interactive computer hardware, but as frames for displaying artwork. 

On the night of the opening reception, composer and artist Will Owen will present a live concert performance by making use of the attendees’ smartphones. 

Curated by Peter Erickson

SCREENS will be on view for the month of April, 2015