Little Berlin invites you to join us for the opening reception of REPEAT – a month long exhibition curated by Peter Erickson.

REPEAT consists of appropriated content, downloaded from the internet, and re-produced. The work explores a range of copyrighted and open source material; all of which is borrowed without the prior knowledge or consent of the original creators.

The purpose the exhibition is to question the legal and ethical implications of re-using readily available, unaltered digital information. REPEAT focuses on the product of converting digital media into physical media. It seeks to understand perceptions of ownership and value, when unique physical objects are re-created, and re-contextualized within a gallery setting. Visitors can expect to see objects including massive vinyl banners, photographic c-prints, cnc routed sintra, life sized foam cut out figures, and a 3d print.

Wednesday, April 24th, 7 – 9pm: 

Little Berlin will host a round table discussion on the topics of appropriation, replication, copyright, creative commons, and ownership.

Acknowledgements to co-curators, and facilitators: Jason Hsu, Lee Tusman, Tyler Kline, Dave Kyu, Johnny Benson, Nicole Killian, Joel Evey, Mark Corey, Alec Ricciuti, and the Internet at large.