Peter Erickson is a digital artist based in Philadelphia, PA. He likes to paint energetic, detailed and colorful images that are representative of natural and manufactured phenomenons. Peter stitches together found photographs, which he then overlays with painterly techniques to create complex digital collages. These dense abstract compositions explore a balance in contrasting colors, forms and dimension.

Peter has a diverse background in community organizing. Working with local art, entrepreneurship and technology cohorts, Peter is interested in how members of these communities can enrich each other's lives. Peter has spent the last ten years in Philadelphia leading projects designed to increase local knowledge and connectivity, such as the Philly Artist Census and Philly Tech Week.

An avid collector, Peter has kept an archive of his artworks since early elementary school. Throughout his lifetime, his work has returned to themes of chaotic energy. His early drawings obsessively depicted intricate fantasy scenarios of futuristic cities, machines and technology. During his young adulthood, Peter practiced traditional drawing and painting techniques, but soon became entranced by abstract, automatic drawing techniques. Allowing the sub-conscious to rapidly form a composition, Peter's artworks represent his current state of mind. 

Exhibition History

2015 — Trust Falls, Little Berlin, Philadelphia, PA
2013 — 20/92 Video Screening – Icebox, Philadelphia, PA
2013 — Limits And Demonstrations: A Lula Chamberlain Retrospective, Little Berlin, Philadelphia
2013 — TAKEN, Practice, Philadelphia, PA
2013 — Best in Show, Practice, Philadelphia, PA
2012 — FLASH FL00D, Little Berlin, Philadelphia, PA
2012 — The Cat Exhibition, Practice, Philadelphia, PA
2012 — Hackphilly, 1519 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA
2012 — Destroy Your Darlings, Cafe Estelle, Philadelphia, PA
2011 — Solo Show, Lodge, Philadelphia, PA
2011 — Tape it Off, TrickGo Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
2011 — RECOVER, TrickGo Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
2010 — Spring Show, Fennarios, West Chester, PA
2008 — Senior Exhibition, Aughinbaugh Gallery, Grantham, PA
2007 — Student Exhibition, NYCAMS Gallery, New York, NY

Curated Exhibitions and Events

2020 — Artist2Artist: Tim Portlock and Sophie White, Philly Stewards (Online Event, co-organizer)
2020 — Artist2Artist: Alexis Granwell and Kristen Neville Taylor, Philly Stewards (Online Event, co-organizer)
2015 — Cumfort Foods, Little Berlin, Philadelphia, PA
2015 — Art Wrestling Federation Urban League, Little Berlin, Philadelphia, PA
2015 — Trenton Ave Arts Fest, Philadelphia, PA
2015 — OUROBOROS, Little Berlin, Philadelphia, PA
2015 — SCREENS, Little Berlin, Philadelphia, PA
2015 — Highbrow Films, Little Berlin, Philadelphia, PA
2015 — Bring Your Own Beamer, Little Berlin, Philadelphia, PA
2014 — INTERFACE, Little Berlin, Philadelphia, PA
2014 — Caravan: Double Feature, Little Berlin Fairgrounds, Philadelphia, PA
2014 — Homecoming (Little Berlin at Trenton Ave Arts Fest), Philadelphia, PA
2014 — Fairgrounds Block Party, The Fairgrounds, Little Berlin, Philadelphia, PA
2013 — Lucha Libre Del Noche, Little Berlin, Philadelphia, PA
2013 — Fairgrounds Block Party, The Fairgrounds, Little Berlin, Philadelphia, PA
2013 — REPEAT, Little Berlin, Philadelphia, PA


2013 — Fort Thunder Attacks!, Space 1026, Philadelphia, PA


2017 - 2018 — Director Philly Artist Census, Philadelphia, PA
2014, 2015, 2016 — Sponsorship Sales Lead, Philly Tech Week, Philadelphia, PA
2014, 2015, 2016 — Sponsorship Sales Lead, NET/WORK Tech Job Fair
, 2016 — Sponsorship Sales Lead, Super Meetup Philly
2013 - 2014 — Project Director, The Fairgrounds
2012 - 2013 —Citywide: A Collective Exhbibition Marketing Lead  

Speaking Engagements

2019 — Philly Artist Census, Analysis Presentation, Philadelphia Musuem of Art
2019 — Philly Artist Census, Analysis Presentation The Clay Studio
2018 — Managing Expectations in Software Development Software as a Craft Meetup, Promptworks
2014 — Fairgrounds Harvest Festival
2013 — Life Raft Debate (won for Little Berlin) Temple Contemporary, Philadelphia, PA
2013 — Contextual Practice: Subversion, Community Engagement
– Crane Arts Center, Philadelphia, PA
2013 — Philly Stake: Summer Stake, Bartram's Garden Philadelphia, PA


2016 - present — Founding Member, Philly Stewards, Philadelphia, PA
2017 - 2018 — The Artblog Advisory Committee Member, Philadelphia, PA
2016 - 2017 — Member, Practice Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
2012 - 2016 — Member, Little Berlin, Philadelphia, PA


2021 —  I sold my first NFT. Beware of these associated costs

2020 — Philly Artist Census Report Shows COVID-19 Challenges for Local Artists, Yun Choi, 6ABC.com
2016 — This art exhibit is like YouTube, but real life Juliana Reyes, Technical.ly Philly
2015 — SCREENS: An Art Exhibit For Handheld Devices at Little Berlin Mike Fenn, Geekadelphia
2015 — Little Berlin discovers vision on the small screen with mobile devices Chip Schwartz, Knight Arts
2014 — Housing Development To Replace Little Berlin’s “Fairgrounds” Emma Jacobs, Hidden City
2014 — How Philly’s arts scene does tech [Technical.ly Podcast] Juliana Reyes, Technical.ly Philly
2014 — Play PHL Collective’s virtual reality game at Little Berlin this Friday Juliana Reyes, Technical.ly Philly
2013 — Noble, but useless: 3D printing guru on city’s 3D-printed gun ban Chris Thompson, Technical.ly Philly